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hanging out on roanoke with the boys. February 29, 2008

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We were starving by the time we got into town, so we ate at the Roanoke Weiner Stand (hurr hurr.) It’s actually kind of a cool little place, you eat there, but there aren’t a lot of seats, so many people end up standing at the counter in the middle. We (Jody, Bruce, and I) ended up in a corner near the wall, looking at some of the ephemera of famous people and Weiner Stand history. A



I’m not sure what store we were in when I took this, but I love it. Jody is frequently in motion, so I think this one is pretty apt.


This lady was one of the many, many people who were set up in the little market area selling stuff. She made some really, really cool jewelry that was just … mind boggling in it’s intricacy. And I love her hat.


And of course, Roanoke’s Star.


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