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Still playing catch-up. January 15, 2008

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So, Saturday, I headed out to Burke’s Garden, which is a pretty amazing place. Google search one of the aerial pictures that exist and you’ll see why they call it God’s thumbprint. It’s a sort of subsect of Tazewell. It’s not part of the incorporated town, but it’s still in the county. Every year, in September, the Burke’s Garden Festival is held. During said festival, there are yard sales, food stands, all sorts of country crafts, and demonstrations related to local industry (like sheep sheering, cake walks, etc). There’s always a lot of music, and I always have a lot of fun. What I don’t do nearly enough is get over that way to appreciate the drive.

I stopped in at the General Store where the clerk, Raquel posed for some pictures and fed me some pretty amazing onion rings.


This one one of the only places in the world that I have ever seen bulk goods (like flour, sugar, etc.) It’s totally charming. Of course I took the wall of candy. Because … I love candy.


After that, a quick trip to the post office :


And then, on my way back down the mountain, it started snowing hard. I pulled over to take a couple of pictures and ran into a dead deer. The area is a little overpopulated with deer, so hunting is pretty important to maintaining the population. Everyone here has had at least one auto accident involving one of these guys. Apparently the wide spot that I pulled over in is where road workers typically roll them down to. At first I sort of discounted the deer that I saw, but when I walked over to the edge there were all these deer skeletons.


It’s creepy, I know, but there’s also kind of a weird symmetry in the shape of the bones.


One Response to “Still playing catch-up.”

  1. kristy Says:

    Okay, the dead deer carcasses look amazingly like hay balers (the round ones, obviously) all thrown together. Weird patterns in nature! Or as the scientists like to say, not in nature, but in our mind, since our mind wants to find repetition and pattern in everything.

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