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been away for far too long January 15, 2008

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Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to update this. I am filled with good intentions. I’m going to do a few posts in a row to sort of catch things up.

Saturday I went to a pretty interesting show. The first couple of bands were pretty lousy, but Beards and Bats played a highly energetic show, and then One Last Fight played pretty well too (in spite of being down a guitar). The lead singer brought his kids to the (smoky, crowded, filled with drunk people) bar, which made me a little uncomfortable, but I was very, very proud of my little cousin rocking out like a champ.


It was too dark to get a lot of really good shots of the band, but I took pictures of various light sources and think they turned out pretty well. This one is @ the primary mic, of setlist and cords.


There’s no real particular significance to this one, I just like the way the color pops out at you. Well, maybe not you. I guess that’s subjective. It pops out at me, anyway.


This is William, rocking the party. Seriously, the kid is an amazing bassist, and one of my favorite people in the world.


Sharon owns the Rock-it Club, where we went. She’s tiny, adorable, and just a little wicked as you can so clearly not tell from this dimly lit picture.


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