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whew. ok. January 11, 2008

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I had a late night the the night before last, and then not much sleep, and then a lot of fun stuff packed into a little bit of time. When I got home last night I had things to be sewn, a column to write, emails to respond to, tv to be watched, reviews to be done, etc etc etc.

I wound up eating chips and watching Ugly Betty/Grey’s Anatomy and crashing hard. As a result, I’m awake at a totally irrational hour.

Seriously. I have the weirdest schedule allowed by law and nature. Anyway. Here are some pictures.


I went with my bff to get a tattoo (him, not me), and this is one of the pictures I took before the battery in my camera died.


This is a lamp @ the Chinese place we had lunch. I just thought the light/perspective turned out interestingly.


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