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horsepen, guitar hero, etc January 6, 2008

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So, I’ve been wanting to go to horsepen, for awhile and take a few pictures. I spent a lot of time there with a friend in middle school, but really haven’t been back since then. I remembered that this building was there, and wanted to take pictures of it. It’s made of this pale stone, and the roof has been caved in for so long that it actually has a few fair sized trees growing out of what I assume used to be the central part of it.

After we got back from Horsepen, talking to a friend’s brother-in-law, he mentioned that it used to be the post office. That makes total sense. The big room with the trees would have been used for sorting and processing, and the small room off to the side would have been for distribution/sales.

Driving back, we saw this pond that I fished at once or twice with the aforementioned middle school pal. There was, like … one fish in it maybe (and I’m pretty sure that fish had been long since caught by the time we came along). Since there was no place to park, I rolled down my window and took a picture from the road that I think turned out considerably well. I’d like to go back and take some pictures of the house, but I’m not sure who to contact about permission and I’m a little scared to go alone in case I get  mauled by a bear, bitten by a poisonous spider, or shot at by a territorial squatter.



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