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January 4, 2008

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I was in and around the Princeton court house today for job hunting stuff, and saw a pretty cool (if sort of nondescript) statue. The body of the statue was pretty smooth, there wasn’t a lot of definition, but the face was sort of covered by moss. statue

Then I came home to Tazewell, and did some library stuff.


My favorite librarian was there, and I got a lot of cool books. Then I went to my interview, and it went pretty well. From what I understand, all they really have to do is check my references.  It’s not the perfect job, but in the area, it’ll do. Then I went to pick up some stuff from this chick’s house. And after that I sort of just wanted to be alone/quiet, so I hung out @ mom’s (Because seriously, she’s never there. Where is she, I wonder?  What kind of whirlwind social calender does my mom have? It’s a mystery.) I watched a movie, did dishes, and took some silly pictures of myself proving that I do, in fact, have hair under the ubiquitous do rag I wear around. You can see some of it here.


Hope you guys had an awesome day.


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