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The first entry January 3, 2008

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I don’t make resolutions. I think it’s silly to make empty promises to yourself based on the date. I mean, I get it. The first day of a new year is always like a blank slate. But, I know myself. Making self-inflicted rules is like a dare to break them.

At the same time, I crave distraction, and make lots and lots of projects to keep me busy. Some of them work out, some of them do not. I’ve been taking pictures lately. It’s almost silly how much I enjoy it. There’s sort of a quiet elegance to capturing one moment in an otherwise unexceptional day. How a living moment can passed unobserved, except for you and your camera or paintbrush or pencil or whatever.

So, this isn’t a promise. I take pictures all the time. I have my small, unimportant camera with me all the time. This is maybe a dumping ground for some of the better shots, with hopes that I’ll post one picture per day, barring any incarceration, hospitalization, or other form of involuntary distraction .

As always, feedback is encouraged because communication is important.


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