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Brrr. January 3, 2008

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So, there’s still a lot of snow on the road. The highways are clear, from what I hear, and that’s good because I have about a zillion things to do tomorrow. I had thought I’d bundle up and go walking around in the woods but it’s so cold that it makes my skin hurt and our water pipes freeze up. So, I’ve been sort of puttering around in my pajamas, reading, cooking, crafting … all that jazz. That said, I did still take a few pictures from inside. Because while y’all are cool, I don’t enjoy personal discomfort. I mean, no one does, or they’d just call it happy fun times. So, here ya go.


This is actually a stained glass piece that my friend Mark made me awhile back. I have it in the window of my office. It makes me smile, and brings a little color to the joint. I generally don’t like color photography a lot (unless I’m taking pictures of people), but it would be silly to take a b&w photo of a rainbow, wouldn’t it?


This is the pump house that our well water comes out of (and some of the woods behind the house).


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